Errata / Chapter 3

p96: In the function declaration, there is no need for the semi colon after the closing curly bracket.

p99: First box under naming collisions should call showPlotSize() not showArea(),
and the quotes either side of the word Area should both match.

p103: Methods of an object can be accessed using square bracket syntax var roomsFree = hotel['checkAvailability']().

p112: Class name on last line should be elGym.className = hotel.gym
(not elGym.className = 'Gym: ' + hotel.gym - same issue two lines above.

p132: On the last line, scientific notation for the number 3,750,000,000 should say 3.75e+9 (not 3.75e+12).

p133: In the <h2> tags, the second and third titles should say 3 decimal places and 3 digits.
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