It's not your average programming book.

Because all kinds of people build websites these days
(and they don’t all have a degree in computer science).

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JavaScript & jQuery book
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We explain objects, methods, properties, and events using familiar concepts in chapter one.
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Each page introduces a new concept with bite-sized code samples, so it's easy to digest.
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We use infographics and diagrams to break down new syntax when it is introduced.
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To help readers understand which elements a DOM query will return, we use diagrams of the DOM tree.
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In longer examples, flowcharts, line numbers, and comments help explain what each line of code does and when it runs.
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Inspiring examples illustrate how to achieve techniques that readers will have seen on many popular websites.
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Practical advice will help readers to think and code like a programmer.
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Considered information hierarchy helps readers prioritize key messages.
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All 640 pages are in full-color, packed with code, photography, and illustrations.
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These books are created by a small company called Wagon (in London, UK).

Wagon was founded by Jon Duckett (creative director of a digital agency in London) and Emme Stone (an award-winning, Antipodean designer and illustrator).


These books are published by a big publishing company called Wiley (NYSE: JWA).

Wiley specializes in academic titles whose imprints include For Dummies, Frommer's, Wrox Press, Bloomberg Press, Sybex, Wiley-Blackwell.


Author: Jon Duckett
Extra material: Gilles Ruppert & Jack Moore
Design: Emme Stone & Jon Duckett
Photography: John Stewardson
Cover: Emme Stone
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